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Are you looking for Full Service Blyth for your vehicle?

Every vehicle must undergo a routine comprehensive maintenance check-up to ensure optimal functioning. So, autobody experts suggest car owners opt for Full car servicing once every year or after covering 12,000 miles – whichever comes earlier.

Here, at Avor Garages NE Ltd, our technicians with hands-on experience use state-of-the-art technology to offer all-inclusive Full servicing Blyth to your car in minimal turn-around time. So, do not hesitate and contact us at blyth@avorvanhire.co.uk or 01670 361656 now!

Checks provided under Full servicing

There are around 77 checks conducted in our full car servicing Blyth, including:

Engine check

The optimal performance of the car engine is crucial in ensuring you do not have a vehicular breakdown. So, we check if the components like the cambelt, alternator belt, and radiator belt are working correctly. If our experts spot any damage, we replace the faulty parts with OE-grade spares.

Fuel system visual inspection

The fuel system transports fuel from its reservoir to the engine according to the requirements. Thus, we check for any underlying damages, wear or leaks that can lead to the system malfunctioning. We also check the valves, filter and sump to ensure no sediment build-up. Moreover, our autobody repairers check all the units of the fuel system to ensure they are appropriately attached.

Steering and suspension checks

During this servicing, we also conduct a comprehensive inspection of the shock absorbers, wheel bearings, steering rack gaiters and other components. We guarantee affordable and prompt solutions for any damage flagged during the checks.

We also offer:

  • Battery terminal lubrication
  • Mirror condition check
  • Number plate check
  • Brake servo operation check

Sounds promising? Then stop searching for ‘full service Blyth’ and visit us at 485 Plessey Road, Blyth, Northumberland, NE24 3LU now!