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Are you looking for Roll cage supply and fitment Blyth for your vehicle?

If you are a sports car enthusiast, you must take precautionary measures to ensure there are no safety hazards during high-speed drives. Hence, if you are looking for a roll cage supply and fitment Blyth to safeguard your well-being in case of a vehicular rollover, you are in the right place.

At Avor Garages NE Ltd, our autobody experts use state-of-the-art technology to get this job in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, they are guaranteed to follow the most acceptable industry practices while keeping your expenditure budget-friendly. So, do not hesitate to contact us at blyth@avorvanhire.co.uk or 01670 361656.

Importance of roll cage fitment

A roll cage comes according to the make and model of your vehicle, so you do not need any additional modifications done to the car. Also known as an Exo cage, this frame built is installed inside the passenger compartment of your vehicle. Thus, if your car succumbs to a crash, tipping over its side or roof, the passengers will be safe from fatal injuries from this collision.

The roll cage is also effective in stiffening up the chassis of your vehicle. A robust car chassis is exponential for providing the needed support for all major vehicular components. It is also a deciding factor in your vehicle’s payload capacity. So, the rigid chassis provides optimal car safety and plays a crucial role in its racing applications.

Why choose us?

Here, we supply high-tensile roll cages with adequate certification and quality approvals. Rest assured that the product fitted in your vehicle is according to the MSA and FIA regulations.

Sounds promising? So, stop searching for ‘roll cage fitment near me’ and visit us today at 485 Plessey Road, Blyth, Northumberland, NE24 3LU.

We are happy to help!