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Are you looking for Tyre Labelling for your vehicle?

If you are a car owner in the UK, you should only use car tyres with the latest EU labelling. These revised rules and regulations related to this labelling have come into effect from the 1st of May, 2021.

So, if you are looking for tyres Blyth for your vehicle, you should be aware of these changes. Here at Avor Garages NE Ltd, our enviable inventory is updated with tyre models per the latest EU labelling rules.

So, why spend your valuable time searching for “car tyres near me”? Contact us at blyth@avorvanhire.co.uk or 01670 361 656 today!

The Revised Regulations

Some of the updated labelling guidelines include:

  • A rating scale of A to E now symbolises the fuel efficiency of the tyres. If the tyres are rated A, they have lower rolling resistance, improving your vehicle’s fuel economy. On the other hand, tyres rated E have the highest rolling resistance, so they can increase the vehicle’s fuel consumption.
  • A tyre’s wet-grip performance is rated on a scale of A to E. So, if a tyre has rating A, it has the most braking efficiency on wet surfaces. Alternatively, tyres rated E have the least efficiency on such surfaces.
  • If a tyre is designed specifically for snow performance, its label now has a 3PMSF symbol.
  • Nordic winter tyres now have a stalagmite symbol on their labels.
  • The models now have a unique QR code which you can scan to get detailed information about them from the EU database, EPREL.

The noise emission efficiency of a tyre is now shown on an ABC rating scale, where:

  • A refers to the brilliant noise efficiency
  • B symbolises tyres producing high external noise
  • Tyres rated C are banned

You can see the ratings of all our tyres when browsing through our tyre inventory.

For further guidance, visit us at 485 Plessey Road, Blyth, Northumberland, NE24 3LU. You can also use our website’s Tyre Finder Tool to purchase products online!