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Are you looking for Tyres Size for your vehicle?

When you get new tyres fitted to your vehicle, ensure they are of the correct size. Otherwise, your road safety can be jeopardised.

Please note: You should also check whether the tyre size is accurate when buying a used car.

At Avor Garages NE Ltd, we are happy to assist you in picking out the right-sized car tyres Blyth according to your vehicle's make and model. Note that a tyre's size is represented by an alphanumeric code embedded on its sidewall.

Below we provide an insight in what this code symbolises for your proper understanding.

First, consider a sample tyre size 185/60 R14 82H.

185: This number is representative of the width of a tyre's sidewalls. This measurement is done in millimetres.

60: The following number in the code symbolises the tyre sidewall's ratio to its width. For the sample taken, this tyre's height is 60% of its width.

R: A tyre's construction type is represented by this alphabet. Here, the letter R stands for radial, the most common tyre construction type. The other varieties include diagonal and bias-ply.

14: Measured in inches, this is the wheel rim diameter of a tyre.

82: This number signifies a tyre's load-bearing index. So, this tyre has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 475 kg.

H: The final letter of the code describes of the tyre's speed rating. Therefore, this tyre can be driven at the maximum speed of 130 mph.

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